Our Firsts

Our Firsts

We Think 360!

Our furniture is extraordinary because it is thoughtfully designed from every angle. Each crib, for example, is literally designed “in the round” so they are beautiful to look at from all sides and can be used as an exquisite centerpiece for a new baby’s room.

What Is Our Strategy?

We introduce design industry “firsts” so often because of a simple strategy – we talk to parents and parents-to-be. We are constantly searching for new ideas that can make our products easier for parents to use and safer and more comfortable for children.

Firsts - Just The Right Height®

Just the Right Height®

Parents can adjust cribs with this special feature to the most comfortable height for putting baby in or taking baby out of the crib as safely and gently as possible. Easy adjustment is great for any parent, regardless of height.

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Firsts - Platform Conversion

Low Profile Platform Conversion

Some cribs in our collections can be converted to full size beds with headboard and footboard, or headboard and no footboard, or platform style with headboard. Since tastes and room sizes differ, we provide parents with a variety of options. Platform conversion, for example, is ideal for a more contemporary look in a small room.